Welcome to gen.u.ine.ness. For those who have been following my original blog thanks for making the move with me. For thos who don’t know me, my name is K and I am a student at King’s College London reading slack-a-logy. I love to eat (non-nutritious food – this is an inside joke those within my household and close circle of friends will be familiar with) and with food prices in London being a bit more than a tad ridiculous, this has necessitated me to learn how to cook. While my original blog followed my personal life, this one, as per blog description, will chronicle my many mishaps in the kitchen.

Why the name ‘gen.u.ine.ness‘ for my blog? I am of the opinion that food today is very pretentious. You see, I come from Malaysia and I love good food. I frequently go down to Kuala Lumpur to dine at so called ‘fine dining’ restaurants. Unfortunately, many of these so called high-end eateries serve abysmal food ‘tarted’ up to look stunning so that they can charge a premium price. I personally feel that I cook better than a lot of these restaurants. [To name and shame all of them would see me spending all night typing up a long endless list, but one restaurant sticks out like a sore thumb – La Bodega]

Ok, getting back to the main point, I feel that cooking is like art – an expression of yourself – and as such, I want the cooking featured in this blog to be exactly that. Cooking should always have an identity but instead of stereotyping it to cuisine of a certain nationality, it should reflect the personality of the cook. A lot of the dishes I attempt will do exactly that touching on the abstract. I am, if I may say so, a person with too many ideas (I sometimes lay awake at night brainstorming new recipes). However, I also want the meals featured to be easily prepared by university students with no previous cooking experience.

I will be the first to admit – I am not the greatest cook nor even the most talented. I have no training and have never taken up any classes. I do cattle truck up a LOT – poached turbot comes to mind, so be warned! Anyways enough said. I hope you do enjoy my blog!

Coming up tomorrow:

Bluefin Tuna Tataki with Shiso Leaf & Enoki Mushroom Salad

Herb & Apricot Crusted Rack of Lamb

… do check back to see whether I am successful or I end up burning my kitchen 😉