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Arekkusu Teppanyaki
Tel. 605-2430168

Food type: Japanese

Food rating: 0/10

Nearest tube: –

Website: –

(Editor’s note: Please note that the scoring of food in Malaysia is based on a linear scale)

So here I am sitting in my living room, my trusty laptop on my er… lap trying to think of something decent to say about my recent visit to Arekkusu Teppanyaki. I guess it was pretty telling when my dad turned down a free meal here to instead go to Kizuna. My mom and I decided to give this restaurant a try as it is new and Ipoh is after all devoide of many interesting dining places.

The restaurant offers lunch bento box set lunches starting at a relatively cheap RM8.80 (£1.50). Feeling a bit peckish I decided it would order some sashimi and soft shell crab to go with a teppanyaki set. Of course, what the waiting staff had failed to mention was that teppanyaki was not available as they hadn’t yet employed a teppanyaki chef. Well, a good start to the restaurateur business then considering it is a teppanyaki restaurant. Never mind then, at least I would have some sashimi…

‘Sorry sir, we only have salmon and tuna sashimi today as our supplies haven’t arrived.’

I wonder why they even bothered to open for business that day… Anyways, I settled on some of their salmon and tuna sashimi (I guess it would be fresh then??) and a Salmon Teriyaki Bento.

Right about now you must be wondering where all the lovely pictures of the food are. The honest truth is that none of the food were of suitable photographic quality (ie. crap presentation). The Salmon and Tuna sashimi were first to arrive. The fish was too cold and were blatantly brought in from the local supermarket. The tuna in particular was devoid of any flavour at one point I questioned whether it had been soaked in water to plump it up. (0/10) The salmon sashimi was at least palatable although of poor quality (what do you expect from supermarket sashimi?) (1/10)

Next up was our bento boxes – only my Salmon Teriyaki Bento arrived a good 10 minutes before my mom’s Unagi Bento. The bento box came with a thin escalope of salmon, about 4 tablespoons of rice (jasmine rice while we are at that), a revolting pickled radish and a slice of watermelon. The salmon was had the tar cooked out of it that it was tough enough to put a steak to shame. (0/10)

At about this time, our tempura soft shell crab arrived after several reminders. I guess they must have completely forgot about it in the first place… and I wish they had. The soft shell crab was greasy and had uncooked lumps of flour. I don’t think I need to go any further. (0/10)

All in all, my lunch at Arekkusu was a horror show from start to finish. (the fresh orange on the menu is basically a glass of ‘Peel Fresh’ Orange juice poured ‘fresh’ out of the carton). Despite the cheap bento deals, our lunch for two came up to RM95. I’m sorry to say but the food here is simply an embarrassment.