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Maria’s Cafe
60, Persiaran Greentown 1,
Pusat Perdagangan Greentown,
30450 Ipoh
Tel. (605) 2424133

Food type: Bistro

Food rating: 4/10

Nearest tube: –

Website: Maria’s Cafe

(Editor’s note: Please note that the scoring of food in Malaysia is based on a linear scale)

Welcome to the new makeover of gen.u.ine.ness. When I first started my blog, the idea was to cover simple but impressive recipes which could be produced by students and amateur cooks. I didn’t foresee a change in direction of the blog’s content towards restaurant reviews. Despite the change in direction, the blog has kept the same tired look. While toggling with the idea of changing the header image, I decided it was time that the site got a lift in its appearance. In addition, I have subdivided my posts into different categories depending on the style of food.

Anyways, putting the face lift aside, it is Only 3 days until I leave for Hong Kong. Oooh! Exciting indeed! I’ve even got J to help me make some reservation at some of the high-end eateries there. Of course, that doesn’t mean I am going to forsake thee, lovely Roast Goose and Century egg. But for now, I have the small matter of getting up to speed with my blog.

I visited Maria’s Cafe for dinner yesterday. Maria’s has been around in Ipoh for eons now (or at least a good 10 years) which is a testament to its consistency and staying power. In fact, they have recently opened a second restaurant in KL. Since being back in Ipoh, I have visited this restaurant a couple of times for lunch as they do some British fare such as Pies or Roasts. They also do a bargain set lunch too priced between RM15-19.

N.Z. Rock Oysters ‘Au Naturel’

Keeping with the Oyster and Porterhouse theme, I went for half a dozen N.Z. Rock Oysters which were served with lemon wedges and some Tabasco sauce to bring out the natural flavours of the oysters. When it comes to oysters I am a purist – there should be minimal fuss so as to preserve all the natural flavours of the oyster. The oysters here were of good quality and in good condition, although a slight nitpick is that they were a bit large for my liking. (4/10)

Oxtail Soup

Grandpa had a bowl of Oxtail soup which came with a basket of garlic bread. I’ve had this soup during one of my lunches before and it is one of my favourites at this restaurant. The soup had good depth of flavour and was nice and thick without being stodgy. The oxtail was melting tender (well grandpa who has false teeth was able to eat it). The garlic bread were really good – nice and crisp with a good rub of garlic butter. Personally I would have preferred normal bread to mop up the delicious soup. (5/10)

Fresh Mushroom soup

My parents both opted for the Fresh mushroom soup, garnished with a drizzle of cream and croutons.

Charbroiled Wagyu Rib-eye

For mains, I settled for a Wagyu Rib-eye (Grade 7) charbroiled till Medium-rare of course. As steak goes, this one was cooked and seasoned correctly. The steak was garnished with some boiled veg (quickly tossed with some garlic) and a jacket potato. One mistake when placing my order, I should have gone for their chips. I have to make a special mention about the chips at Maria’s as they are the proper chunky chips you get in England and not those miserable pomme-frites/shoe-string/taste of nothing french fries. (5/10)

Roast Leg of Lamb

Parents and gramps went for the Roast Leg of Lamb.

Grilled Garoupa Fillet

Aunt had the Grilled Garoupa Fillet.

Moist Chocolate Cake

For dessert, I had a Moist Chocolate Cake served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Apologies about the pic… I was so eager to dig into it I forgot to take a picture beforehand. The cake was actually pretty good – nice and airy with good lashings of melted chocolate although it could have done with some better quality chocolate. Then again, what do you expect for RM7. (You can’t even get 3 drops of petrol…)

I finished dinner with a cup of coffee which was rather weak. Dinner here was a pleasant experience with pleasant honest food. Despite being quite packed, there was no problem with the food getting out to us. (The same of course cannot be said about Indulgence which shockingly has won a Platinum Award!!) An overall score of 4/10 bordering 5 is merited based on my numerous visits here. Oh and before I forget, although I didn’t feature it in this review, their Pan Seared Tuna deserves special mention for being such a simplistic dish but hit all the right notes.