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Citrus Wine & Dine
No. 38-46 Laluan Ipoh Perdana,
31400 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia
Tel. 605-5451010

Food Type: Modern Eclectic

Food Rating: 4/10

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Website: –

(Editor’s note: Please note that the scoring of food in Malaysia is based on a linear scale)

Urgh! Updating my blog is difficult when I am ill. I don’t know what’s with Malaysian food/ water. I’ve had my third bout of the squirts in 2 weeks, this time accompanied by some nasty temperature and chills. The culprit – a not so innocent meal of KFC (which I shouldn’t have eaten in the first place as I am harboring hopes of getting in shape for badminton.

I made a second visit to Citrus a week ago as, being the ravenous meat eater that I am, I was craving for some steak. No Wagyu steak for me this time as I wanted meat with actual texture.

Golden Brie

I started off dinner with the Golden Brie. Brie is breaded and deep fried served with Mango chutney. While I cannot fault the execution of the dish, it was let down by poor produce. The Brie used here was next to tasteless, a common problem with cheese in Malaysia. Cheese is not very popular here and as such only a small amount of (not very good) cheese is imported in. In addition, I found the chutney rather sweet for my liking. (2/10)

Ahi Tuna Tataki

Better was my dad’s starter of Ahi Tuna Tataki which featured pan-seared tuna served with a wasabi-soy dipping sauce and a side salad. (4/10)

Australian Rib-eye with Foie Gras, Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Jus

My mains was an Australian Rib-eye with Foie Gras, Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Jus. The addition of foie gras was upon my request as I wanted a steak more akin to Beef Rossini. Given my dislike for summer truffle, the dish was pretty good overall, with a generous helping of chopped truffles to accompany the steak which was nice and pink. One nit pick here though is that the foie gras used was not of the top quality. (4/10 bordering 5)

Hickory Smoked Short Ribs

Dad’s mains was a Hickory Smoked Short Ribs served with a good dollop of mash. The ribs were oven roasted until melting tender, a point made by my dad when he cut the ribs with a spoon. This is honest, good ol’ fashion American style ribs. (4/10)

Apple Crumble with Cinnamon Ice Cream

For desserts we decided to share both an Apple Crumble with Cinnamon Ice cream and a Warm chocolate Cake (or pudding as it is referred to in England). As apple crumble goes, this is your bread and butter crumble which every 12 year old in England is thought to do. The crumble could have done with a bit of a crunch, although that is a personal preference (when I make crumble mix, I add a bit of polenta as it makes the mix extra crunchy). The cinnamon ice cream was unremarkable – part of the problem due to the poor quality of dairy in Malaysia. (3/10)

Warm Chocolate Cake

The Warm Chocolate Cake is one of my favourites at Citrus. The ‘cake’ is cooked ‘medium rare’ such that the exterior is set with a molten centre. I did feel that on this visit, the cake was slightly underdone (ie too liquid). At least the chef has toned down the use of butter from my previous visit. (4/10)

Again my dinner at Citrus was a pleasant one with the food remaining at a consistent 4/10 level.  Anyways, this is my last blog entry before I pack my bags and head of to boiling hot Hong Kong for a couple of days of pigging out and shopping. See you next week!