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Yung Kee
32-40 Wellington Street,
Central, Hong Kong,
Tel. +852 2522 1624

Food type: Chinese (Cantonese)

Food rating: 5/10

Nearest tube: Central

Website: Yung Kee

So here I am, updating my blog in the wee hours on Friday night, skipping another night of sleep as I prepare myself for another long-haul flight back to London. At least there won’t be any travelling for the next couple of months, fingers crossed. As you can already guess, I abhor flights on cramped on, planes… especially during peak season when planes are even more cramped up than ever.

With every trip to Hong Kong, I never fail to pay at least one visit to Yung Kee. Located in the banking district of Central, Yung Kee has stood the test of time for over 60 years. It has been awarded numerous awards from various organisations including the prestigious ‘Best Restaurant’ by Hong Kong Tatler (publisher of the food guide ‘Hong Kong’s Best Restaurants). This is a review of my latest visit there for lunch.

Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger

As per usual, we were presented with some Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger while browsing through the menu. The menu itself is hefty, but thankfully, some of their award winning dishes were marked out to make decision making easier if it were to be your first time dining there. The preserved eggs here earn the distinction of being the best darn preserved eggs I have ever eaten. While most caucasian people scoff at the idea of quaffing down these ammonia and sulfur smelling eggs, they are indeed a true chinese delicacy. The preserved eggs here were in one word, simply perfect – a lovely gelatinous ‘white’ (the brown part of the egg) and the creamy, almost liquid ‘yolk’ (the greenish grey part of the egg). (10/10)

Barbequed Pork (Char Siu)

The Barbequed Pork (Char siu) here was rather disappointing. The pork used was too lean leading to rather dry slices of pork which could not be alleviated by the gravy. (2/10)

Roast Goose

One of the dishes Yung kee is famed for is its Roast Goose. As you enter the restaurant, you would be able to set your eyes on all those lovely geese hanging by the window. The roast goose here is so popular that travellers can opt to purchase an entire goose which is specially packed to be brought on to the plane. The goose served was as good as I remember with crisp, mahagony skin and moist juicy flesh. The goose was slightly too fat even for my liking. (Atherosclerosis = bad) (5/10)

Deep Fried Prawns with Mini Crab Roe

The Deep Fried Prawns with Mini Crab Roe was served on a bed of seaweed in keeping with the ‘from the sea’ theme. There was even a very cute mini-crab (non-edible) to remind you that crab roe was present in this dish. The prawns themselves were excellent – fresh, crunchy and bursting with flavour from the rich crab roe. This went well with the salty seaweed which added a different texture to the dish. (7/10)

Stir-Fried Baby Bak Choi with Garlic

A simple dish of stir-fried baby bak choi with garlic complemented all the rich dishes. Fresh, light and clean, the baby bak choi were lovely and crisp with all the inherent juices still intact. (4/1

Wantan Noodles

A sumptuos bowl of Wanton Noodles rounded off my lunch. The noodles were light with a bit of crunch, served with some very good pork and shrimp dumplings and clear soup. (5/10)

Overall, my lunch at Yung Kee was a very pleasant experience despite the half an hour wait for a table. The food was pretty passable fare with some memorable dishes especially the heavenly preserved eggs.