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Peking Garden,
Shop B1, Basement 1, Alexandra House,
Central, Hong Kong,
Tel. +852 2526 6456

Food type: Chinese (Beijing)

Food rating: 6/10

Nearest tube: Central

Website: Peking Garden

Ok after the circus show that is the whole Brewster’s review which you can read here, it’s back to some actual blogging.

Peking Garden is a chain of restaurants under the Maxim’s Group specializing in Beijing and Northern Chinese cuisine. In particular, many of the locals claim that they serve the best Peking Duck served in Hong Kong. Other specialities here include the infamous Beggar’s Chicken which has to be pre-ordered a day in advance. As an additional bonus, the restaurant also has a daily demonstration of hand-pulled noodles (lai meen) every evening.

Tofu Marinated in Sesame oil with Pickled Cucumber

My visit for Peking Garden was for lunch. We were presented with a small plate of Tofu marinated in Sesame Oil with Pickled Cucumber while browsing through the menu. The tofu was of the firm variety with an almost steak-like texture and provided very good bite. The pickled cucumber provided a nice counterpoint to the richness of the sesame oil with some crushed garlic giving it a lovely bite. (5/10)

Crispy Rice with Prawn in Tomato Sauce

It was my initial plan to get one of the noodle dishes, but while browsing through the menu J came across something else which was very interesting – Crispy Rice. This was served in various ways but we opted for our crispy rice to be served with prawn and tomato sauce. However, I was pretty disappointed with the actual dish served as it was nothing more than glorified rice krispies (albeit very good rice krispies… but still rice krispies) served with ketchup prawns. (2/10)

Fig, White Fungus and Pork Soup

Next up was a sumptuous serving of Fig, White Fungus and Pork Soup. The soup was packed full of wholesome pork flavour with a slight sweetness from the fig. The white fungus was there to add texture to the soup. Another nice thing to note is that a lot of care was taken to remove all impurities from the soup. (5/10)

Peking Duck

Then, the piece de resistance showed up in all its glory. The Peking Duck here was presented whole at the table before being carved. You can see from the pictures above the duck had a glistening, mahogany skin. Trust me though the duck tasted even better than they look in these gorgeous pictures. The duck was carved expertly without a trace of fat stuck on the skin. The skin was crisp and literally melts in your mouth while the meat was moist and tender. The duck was of course served with some pancakes which were just a tad too thick for my liking. Nevertheless, the duck was so good I personally saw to it that I ate half a duck by myself. (9/10)

We also had a nice plate of stir-fried broccoli with garlic to round off our meal. (4/10)

Lunch at Peking Garden was a pleasant one with the outstanding Peking Duck being the highlight of the meal. It would have been interesting if I had the opportunity to sample more items on the menu during a dinner service. The service here was very good and attentive.