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9 Hanover Street,
Tel. 0872 148 2945

Food type: Japanese

Food rating: 3/10

Nearest tube: Oxford Street

Website: –

Glorious London weather. I was supposed to go out and run some errands and pick up my coat from the Louis Vuitton shop but of course it had to start pouring down. Convenient indeed. So instead, here I am blogging instead. Incidentally, I was going to blog about my last restaurant I dined at in Hong Kong because I could not get the restaurant information together.

Sakura is located in the shopping district in central london, off Regent Street. The restaurant is perenially full during both lunch and dinner service, with a one hour wait for walk in diners for dinner if you show up anytime after 7. I used to frequent Sakura quite often in the past. They do a pretty good set dinner menu priced between £16 to £24 including an appetiser, a choice of sashimi or tempura, main course and a dessert. Pretty good by London standards. As it was a horrible horrible day (hey you can’t expect much from London weather) we decided on a heart (and body) warming meal of Shabu-shabu aka Japanese steamboat.

Grilled Aubergine and Duck Tataki

Our appetiser consisted of Grilled Aubergine and Duck Tataki which were served cold. This was palatable although lacking in any remarkable taste. The Grillled Aubergine tasted of… well.. grilled aubergine. No frills, no hold barred. The same could be said with the Duck Tataki. Without any dipping sauce the appetisers were undecidedly bland. (2/10)

Sake & Hamachi Sashimi

The 2nd course of Sake and Hamachi Sashimi was of amicable at best. The fish were sliced too thinly and were not of the best quality to begin with. (2/10)

Sashimi: Hotate, Maguro, Hokkigai, Ikura, Hiramase

A side order of Sushi were also rather disappointing. With the rice a tad too wet, the sushi were literally falling apart when being picked up. Again the raw ingredients used were of poor quality. In particular, the maguro (tuna) tasted of nothing – a feat pretty hard as tuna is one of the most flavoursome fish. (2/10)


The main course of Shabu-shabu was beautifully presented with some lovely, well-marbled beef, a huge platter of vegetables and the dipping sauces to combine at your own pleasure. The stock was sadly watered down from what I remembered and even at the end of the meal the stock lacked any intensity whatsoever. (3/10)

Green Tea Ice-cream

A best part of the meal has to be the Green Tea Ice-cream which was itself pretty decent. (4/10)

Dinner at Sakura was rather disappointing and a far cry from what I remembered (then again it was a long time ago that I dined here – my last meal here was 2 years ago). The service here was rather chaotic – requests to have tea topped up were ignored on more than one occasion. Just as well, there was no service charge included on the bill. Dinner for 2 including drinks came up to £74.

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