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Ozu Restaurant Japonais
County Hall
Riverside Building
Westminster Bridge Road
SE1 7PB London
Tel: 0207 928 7766

Food type: Japanese

Food rating: 4/10

Nearest tube: Westminster, Waterloo

Website: Ozu Restaurant Japonais

University has kicked off for me this week and I am still trying to get my head around being a final year medical student. The first two weeks involves going to a lot of monotonous lectures which just saps the life out of you. Case in point my lecture on wednesday morning which had a hypnotizing effect and managed to drive quite a few students off to slumberland. Not me though… I fought tooth and nail to keep my heavy eyelids open. However when they decided to drag in a F2 Doctor to give us another pointless lecture I was left with little choice but to do a runner along with half the class.

With classes located at St. Thomas’ hospital, D and I decided to wander around the area in search for a decent place to fill our stomachs. About a stones throw away from St. Thomas’ hospital was county hall which also houses the Mariott Hotel. One of the restaurants here which caught our eye was Ozu. Having nothing better to do, and a very hungry stomach to fill, we decided to give this place a try. Assuming we found it that is. You see, it was a mission unto itself to locate the restaurant. Whislt the restaurant is located along the Thames, there is no direct access to it other than through county hall itself.

The lunch menu offers lunch sets starting at £22 including options for sushi, sashimi and rice or udon. There is also the pricier a la carte menu which offers more interesting dishes marrying Japanese flavours with some French ideas. There is also a tasting menu priced at £55. As we had a session of badminton after lunch, we opted for the lighter lunch menu.

Green Salad with Yuzu Miso Dressing

We started off with a green salad consisting of rocket, lettuce and cherry tomatoes dressed in a yuzu miso dressing. I  found the balance of the dressing to be way off with too much of a salty and acidic component drowning out even the peppery rocket. (1/10)

Miso Soup

A bowl of Miso soup was much more pleasant. The bowl of soup consisted of lovely slivers of seaweed, delicate tofu and was lifted by the addition of a hint of ginger. (4/10)

Assorted Sushi

Our sushi set consisted of 7 different types of fish – Prawn, Butterfish, Salmon, Turbot, Tuna, Sea Bass and Sea Bream (kabayaki style). The fish were of good quality although the fish was quite thinly sliced and the rice slightly loose. (5/10)

Black Cod with Vegetable Millefeuille & Crispy Nori

A side order of Black Cod with Vegetable Millefeuille & Crispy Nori featured juicy, melt in your mouth cod marinated in miso which was grilled to perfection. The vegetable millefeuille consisted of different layers of carrots, cabbage and beetroot pressed together. Despite its picteresque look, the millefeuille failed to deliver in terms of taste – it was underseasoned and to be honest tasted like boiled vegetables and butter of school dinners past.  (5/10)

Vanilla Ice Cream Mochi

For dessert we had the option of either Mochi (Glutinous Rice Balls) or Chocolate Creme and naturally went for one of each. The Mochi was stuffed with Vanilla Ice cream with a drizzle of honey was unimpressive. The rice was served too cold resulting in the Mochi taking on a rather beefy texture without much spring to it. (2/10)

Chocolate Creme with Vanilla Ice Cream and Coconut Foam

The Chocolate Creme was served with Vanilla Ice Cream, Coconut Sugar Biscuit and Coconut Foam. This was a deconstructed Bounty bar which while pleasant was unspectacular. (2/10) Certainly, desserts were not the strong point of this restaurant.

Lunch here was a pleasant affair although atmosphere at this restaurant was certainly muted during the lunch service. There were only 2 other tables being served while we were there. Perhaps this had to do with the location of the restaurant which was rather difficult for us to find our way to. Service was pleasant and unobtrusive and unlike many restaurants in London, service is not included onto the final bill.

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