It has been a long time since I last posted something food related here – almost 6 years to be exact. I had many reasons for going AWOL – work, relationships, studying for post-graduate exams – but the most important reason was that I found my style of blogging and being critical about food had taken the joy out of the actual eating itself. Visits to new restaurants were particularly ‘stressful’ with a mission of trying to get there early to snap pictures of the dining room, struggles with the lighting during dinner to capture a decent enough photo, trying to remember each and every element in a specific course (of a multi-course tasting menu)…. the list just goes on. Simply put, it just sucked the fun out of what I enjoyed doing most – the eating.

During my sabbatical, I still did a lot of eating (my ballooning weight will attest to that), but without worrying about going to the newest trendiest restaurant to keep up with the blogosphere. I could simply dine at my leisure at my favourite restaurants at a regular basis, enjoy an obscene amount of wine and if I get absolutely sloshed, who cares? I don’t need to remember every single minute detail of every meal. I just need to ask myself one key question – “Did I have a good night out?”. I had essentially stopped becoming a check-lister/tick-boxer/Michelin-star hunter and become a regular diner.

Fast forward to 2015, I have decided to start blogging but the feel and nature of each blog posts will be very different. As I alluded to earlier, I felt that my writing of old took everything too seriously. I aim to adopt a more casual writing style highlighting the highs and (hopefully not) lows of a meal. Think of it as my personal food diary and you are here along for the ride.

The scoring system rating food out of 10 will be completely revamped. The old rating system was deeply flawed in that it was great if it was applied specifically to haute cuisine but became completely non-sensical when rating street food. If for example Le Louis XV merited a score of 10/10 would it make sense for the best fish and chips or kebab to merit the same score? Does it require technical, highly complex cooking to merit a high score? In its place, will be a simple out of 5 scoring system which will gauge enjoyment of the meal. My aim is to give the reader a snapshot of my experience at that meal. I will discuss the new scoring system in more detail in my next post when it will be revealed in its entirety.

As it was before, all meals will be paid for by myself. When it is apparent that I am well-known to a restaurant (by virtue of being a regular diner) this will be made known to you. Thank you, and hope you are hop on-board my culinary travels!