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5 Goldsworth Road,
Woking GU21 6JY
Tel: 01483 770667

Food type: Korean/ Japanese

Nearest tube: Woking Overground Train Station

Website: Soya

Soya Restaurant

Soya Restaurant

Another day of unrelenting heat and I have stupidly managed to get myself sun burnt simply by lounging around the spa pool. I was due to meet some friends later that evening for dinner to catch up on life in general and discuss some of my wedding plans. We all decided Woking would be ideal as it is easily accessible from London and there are some decent dining options here. My friend suggested Soya, a Korean-Japanese hybrid restaurant on Woking high street. I haven’t had Korean food for quite some time now so we agreed on that option.

If you are looking to book the restaurant, just be aware that there are two branches of Soya – one in Woking as mentioned above and the original branch in Weybridge which is fairly popular with the hospital staff living nearby. The Woking restaurant is fairly spacious with each table fitted with a hot plate for Korean BBQ purposes. The menu is fairly large with the usual suspects of Japanese sushi/ sashimi/ tempura options and a larger selection of Korean dishes.

I left the ordering to my friend with the only proviso that I was starving and wanted a fair amount of food. With 3 hungry grown men, he went to town on the menu starting off which 3 sushi rolls and Korean pancake, followed by some BBQ items, kimchi, bibimbap and more rice. They even threw in a complimentary bowl of salad for us – I think a hint that we probably were not getting enough vegetables!

Yuk Hwae Dolsot Bibimbap

Yuk Hwae Dolsot Bibimbap

In general, the Japanese sushi rolls were fine although the quality of the fish was not the best – the tuna for example was relatively tasteless. The Korean dishes on the other hand were a lot more enjoyable with good amount of fiery heat. I know what you are thinking, spicy food is just what you need on a sweltering day! We sensibly chose to have the kitchen cook the BBQ dishes for us instead of doing it ourselves at our table. The beef bulgogi and pork belly were delicious although the ox tongue could have been cut a lot thinner as it was tough and chewy.

This was a relatively enjoyable meal with food coming at a speedy pace. The bill came up to £90 for the 3 of us with more food than an average person would be able to eat. In general, I would stick to the Korean food as these are better executed here.