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I slept very well as there was very little in terms of turbulence even across the notorious Bay of Bengal and woke up about 3 hours from when we were going to land. The flight attendant looking after us was very quick to note that I had woken up and I took up her offer on a nice hot cup of tea but declined any food. Malaysia Airlines do have a nice snack menu if you do feel peckish in between meals.

After watching Olympus Has Fallen, it was time for breakfast.


Fresh fruit plate

First off, I started off with a glass of fresh orange juice, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and a plate of fresh fruits. Thankfully, there was no turbulence as has often been the case during breakfast time on this route with hot tea and coffee flying around.


Bread & pastry basket

Next was a basket of bread and pastries. With that came some jams from Bonne Maman or if you prefer you can have Malaysian home made Kaya (coconut jam).



Then came a bowl of muesli with fresh milk. I must add that on any normal day, my breakfast would usually consist of a bowl of muesli with milk and if I was lucky enough a cup of coffee so it is nice that when I am on holiday I get to sit down and leisurely enjoy my  breakfast, even if on a plane.


Roti Canai with Curry

Finally, for my ‘main course’ I opted for the roti canai, listed on the menu as paratha bread. This was served with two curries – a mild aromatic lentil curry (dhal) and a spicier chicken curry, both of which were extremely tasty. It has to be said, based on my experience, if you stick to curries and traditional Malaysian food, the catering on Malaysia Airlines is excellent. Also, memo to self, do not take photos using an iPad with no flash in a dark cabin…

Soon after breakfast, it was time for the cabin to be prepared for landing at KLIA. Our descent was smooth and we touched down 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. After a short taxi to Gate 17 – the only A380 equipped gate at KLIA, we disembarked and made our way to the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge while we awaited our connecting flight to Singapore.

By this time I was really tired, despite getting a couple of hours sleep on the plane. I had hardly slept well in the 48 hours leading up to our flight as I had been working a night shift and then spent my day frantically packing. We checked in at the lounge and as we were connecting from a First Class flight (onto a short haul Business Class flight), we were shown to the First Class Lounge at Kuala Lumpur.


Slumber Rooms

I would have loved to use one of the ‘slumber rooms’ which are available at the lounge but as we were due to board our connecting flight in an hours time, I did not even dare lie down for fear of oversleeping and missing my flight. Yes, I have done that before – oversleeping and missing my connecting flight…


There is also a smoking room if you absolutely want to suck on some cancer sticks.

Instead, I spent the hour in the lounge being grumpy with a toddler running around and screaming away. At some point, said toddler even came up to me and tried playing with my mobile phone which was left to charge. While it may have been amusing for his mother, it certainly was not amusing for me. I have no problem with young children and even babies being allowed into an airport lounge, but parents should really take some responsibility so that they do not disrupt other passengers.



Boarding was soon called for our flight to Singapore. For this 50 minute flight, we would be flying on a 737-800. Remarkably enough, even for a short flight, a hot snack was offered which we declined. This is an interesting flight because no sooner did the plane hit cruising altitude it was already time to for them to descend!

Immigration and baggage reclaim at Changi Airport was very efficient and we were greeted at the exit by our limousine driver from Mandarin Oriental and we were quickly whisked away to our hotel.


Off to our hotel….